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After taking the HomeBizQuiz, your next step is to determine what kind of business or program is right for you IF you feel you are cut out for a home or Internet business. The Home/Internet Biz Selector Guide will help you to make the right decisions for yourself based on information you provide.

Choosing a Home/Internet business is based on multiple considerations. It is up to you to provide the most accurate and honest answers so you will get the proper guidance in taking that next step.


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There are a variety of types of business/programs that are available for you to consider. Choose the one category that seems to interest you the most.




What you can afford plays a huge part in choosing a business. These questions deal with “start-up” costs meaning how much it may cost you to just get your business set up. This would include costs to become a distributor and/or costs to purchase a distributor start-up kit and/or initial costs to purchase necessary products to get your business going or to initially qualify for commissions depending on the requirements of the company.

A point of reality here. Just about anyone would love to start a business at no cost to them, but much can be said about “what you put into something, you will get out of it”. There is also the commitment factor. The “money out of the pocket” thing certainly can be a gauge for commitment. You've heard the saying, “nothing ventured, nothing gained.” It is important that you answer this question based more on what you can afford rather than what you want to pay. This will help direct you based on several factors involved.

Based on my financial situation, I could afford to get started in a business or program where: (Choose one)


1. There is no cost to start up.



There are those people who have heard about “multiple income streams” meaning your having income from more than one business. Of course, there are all kinds of factors including time and costs that come to play here, but the main purpose of this consideration is for you to admit to yourself what your goals might be in terms of selecting one or more businesses. (Choose 1)




Depending on the type business you choose, you will probably have on-going product and or service costs. Whether you are purchasing at wholesale and selling at retail or whether you are simply purchasing to qualify for commissions, on-going product purchases must be considered. The difference will come in whether you purchase the products to consume for yourself or whether you purchase them to sell to others, thus making a profit on sales.

Choose the one below that best fits your situation:

I have $50 or less to spend monthly on products or services.
I have $100 or less to spend monthly on products or services.
I have $200 or less monthly to spend on products or services.
I plan to retail products or services as a way to cover my monthly costs, thus how much I spend is based on how much I will sell.





Part of any business is about how much time is necessary to deal with people versus things and should be considered when choosing the type business or program that you might want to work. Choose one of the following that most closely describes you.

I love interacting with people. I get energized by talking and interacting with others. I would be willing to meet people personally or talk to them on the phone as a way to build my business.
I love working with people, however I would rather not initiate contact with others.
I like people ok, I'm just not into bothering them as a way to build my business.
Quite frankly, I'm more into building a business without interacting with people at all.




How much time you have and are willing to put into your business plays a crucial part toward building an income-producing business. Choose one of the following statements that best states how you feel regarding time.




Any business, whether it is free to join or not, will require you to market your business. Having a store where no one ever comes to is a sure way to go out of business. You have to market your business in order to make others aware of it. Therefore you need to consider a marketing budget. Remember, if no sales are ever made, not money is ever earned.

Choose one that most closely describes your situation:

nthly available for marketing my business.




Learning what to do and how to do it is another business consideration to take into account. That involves the willingness to learn, the ability to learn and then the time to learn and put it all to use. If something is worth doing, then it is worth learning.

Choose the statement that best reflects your thinking: